Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Are you worried about your online reputation?

The surge of numerous online review websites and social media has resulted in dissatisfied patients and customers sharing their experiences wherever they can. Because of compliance laws, the healthcare professionals cannot freely answer back on these review sites. They may be sued for breach of trust and there may be questions of liability based on privacy issues.

This is very frustrating for doctors and other healthcare professionals, who often wake up at night thinking when they will be a victim of online reputation problems.
Any negative experience gets amplified in the online space and severely jeopardizes the reputation and income of healthcare professionals and hospitals.
Insurance regulations are also getting stricter towards hospitals with subpar ratings. Ultimately, a bad public image severely dents future partnerships and growth opportunities for healthcare professionals and hospitals. This is where our Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays its part.
ORM is aimed at helping healthcare professionals and hospitals in maintaining a robust online reputation and flourish in today’s marketplace.

Want to know about the significance of ORM?

Here are some of the top benefits of Implementing ORM.

Opportunity to gain a higher ranking
It’s no secret that the algorithms underpin websites with the highest ratings and positive reviews on top to offer viewers authentic information. Healthcare professionals and hospitals can eventually gain higher search engine page rankings when searched for on Google by implementing ORM.

Gain the trust of your patients or clients

Building a strong online/public image and positive perception can help healthcare professionals and hospitals earn their patients and clients’ trust.

Establish and redefine your reputation to aid sales

Healthcare ORM is imperative for businesses today. The power of digital media has made online presence and its effective monitoring mandatory for thriving companies including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and nursing homes. Failing to harness healthcare reputation management services, will not only strip you of a host of opportunities, but expose you to a plethora of disadvantages as well.

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